9 Packaging and Design Trends Happening Right Now

Trends in packaging and branding are not just about fashion; they reflect a more fundamental shift in consumer behaviour. So what are customers reaching out for right now?


From eco packaging to bold graphics to illustrations: here’s our pick of the top 9 packaging and branding design trends that are taking hold in 2018.


  1. Using white as your canvas


White, clean, minimal packaging with bold colours and strong shapes is a top trend for 2018. A clean-cut design can quickly convey information and make a product stand out through its simplicity.


Borough 22, Jackdaw Design


Ecolor Pencils – Titsey Brewing Co. – Lyft Five Star Lager



  1. Minimalism is the new luxury


Luxury isn’t just about excess or exclusivity anymore; luxury also includes elegant, minimalist design. As a result, we’re seeing the use of neutral colour palettes combined with metallic effects emerging.


E14 Properties, Jackdaw Design


Utopick Chocolate Bars – Tangent GC Hand Cream – Metrin Skincare



  1. Geometric graphics


Design that’s flooded with geometric inspired patterns in a vivid array of colours is key for 2018. The result is dynamic and compelling, and creates a strong identity that consumers can remember.


Greenwood, Jackdaw Design


Bern’s Limited Edition Spirits – Niche Tea – Fortnum & Mason Florentine Biscuits



  1. Carefully crafted


Hand-drawn illustrations and lettering brings energy, personality and warmth to brands. Irregular shapes, natural textures and attractive iconography ensure shelf stand out.




Cat Cookies – Coronado Coast Wise Session IPA – Pip & Nut


  1. Curiosity in nature


There’s a real desire for offline experiences and a return to nature, and this trend is reflected in packaging design. This year, we’re seeing images and icons from the natural world appearing in an illustrative style across a wide range of products, including handwash, chocolate and drinks.


RSPB, Jackdaw Design


Smoor Chocolates – Pepsi – Villa Yasmine



  1. Keep it simple


With so much noise and messaging, sometimes less is more when it comes to packaging. The key to simple packaging is to generate a design that people can immediately relate to, and gets the message across in just a few words.


Claudi & Fin, Jackdaw Design


Tapped Birch Water – CS Light Bulbs – Wise Men’s Skincare



  1. A good vintage


The wines and spirits industry has been using vintage styling for some time with outstanding results. Vintage design tells a story of tradition, quality and passion. The new vintage type we’re seeing evokes nostalgia while maintaining a crisp, modern look.


Christmas card,  Jackdaw Design


Wainwright’s Honey – Grand Cru Chocolate – Hayman’s Gin



  1. Going green


Sustainability in packaging is a trend we’re seeing grow year on year. From using more renewable resources to ensuring materials are recyclable, more brands are incorporating eco-friendly design into their business in order to stay relevant with an increasingly environmentally-conscious consumer.


Loong Glin Orchard


Method – Nike Air – 360 Paper Water Bottle



  1. Illustration as narrative


There’s a story behind every design, and illustration allows brands to communicate messages in a way that’s clever, creative and appreciated by customers. Using illustration is a smart way to give your brand gravitas, as it inadvertently indicates value as well as style.


E14 Properties, Jackdaw Design


Coconut Collaborative  – Fortnum & Mason Chocolate Biscuits – TrueStart Coffee



Inspired by our pick of the top packaging and branding trends so far in 2018?


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