Perfect Pairings: Crafting Urban Cordial’s New Look

Natasha Steele, Urban Cordial’s managing director and chief juicer, visited our studio looking for a packaging tweak for her popular cordial brand. It’s a brand that’s all about fighting food waste and being local, which means they only use lumpy and bumpy seasonal British fruits to make their delicious drinks.

But it quickly became clear that there were a number of issues holding Urban Cordial back, and we needed to reimagine the brand across all customer touchpoints to push them on to the next level. So we set about changing everything: from the logo and labels to the bottle shape and website.

As part of the rebrand we shortened the name, from The Urban Cordial Company to Urban Cordial. Then drawing on the diversity and vibrancy of urban Britain, we created an entertaining and distinctive identity for the brand that has helped them stand out on the shelf and engage with their customers.

Just like their cordials, the new identity has been crafted with care from the bold wordmark and U-shaped labels, to the spirited illustrations and engaging copy.

One vision, many style

To create their new look, we collaborated with a number of different illustrators in addition to our own design team. By introducing a variety of artistic voices into the brand, we make room for a diversity of visual styles and create a world that’s dynamic. It all came together beautifully in an intriguing and clever design.

A word about copy

What makes this design so successful is how the copy and imagery work together, with each cordial having its own distinctive character.

Blackberry & Lavender

Image: a reclining woman with blackberry boobs
Copy: rather laid back, because lavender is relaxing

Pear & Ginger

Image: a ginger haired woman dancing with a pear
Copy: a natural couple, because pear and ginger are a great pairing

Apple, Lemon & Fennel

Image: a man with ingredients piled on his head like a top hat
Copy: truly balanced, because it’s light and healthy

Raspberry & Rosemary

Image: a raspberry girl with glasses on a swing
Copy: unforgettably juicy because rosemary enhances memory and concentration

Strawberry & Sage

Image: a woman with a juicy strawberry for a head
Copy: sweetly wise, because a sage person has wisdom


Image: a naked older man covered with flowers
Copy: honestly floral, because it’s purely elderflower

Apple, Cinnamon & Clove

Image: a woman ice-skating in the winter
Copy: warm-hearted, because cinnamon and cloves are warming

Apple & Blackberry

Image: a man swinging a hula-hoop
Copy: jolly & fresh, because it’s a lively combination

A full services project

The Urban Cordial rebrand involved:

  • Visual identity
  • Illustration
  • Packaging design
  • Copywriting
  • Artwork
  • Print management
  • Launch material
  • Website design 

“We are thoroughly delighted with the new look for our brand,” says Natasha. “It embodies so much of what’s important to the Urban Cordial team: a devotion to craft, a love of creative expressions, and an obsession with quality. Jackdaw Design has helped us create something that is full of life and we know it will make a huge splash in the cordial market!”

The new packaging and website are rolling out from December 2018.